Three great music business related podcasts that musicians can benefit from

There is a loooot to listen to out there. Some “best musicians podcasts lists” contain 10, 20 or more podcasts and no one has the time to check every single one of them. So I picked 3 that are actually good and I personally listen to them.


1. Music Business Facts


My personal favorite.

What caught my attention in this podcast was an interview with Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth. One of the comments of this podcast episode says: “I think this is the most honest interview I have ever seen from a musician“.

Ever wondered how does a Band like Opeth is represented in a tax report? It is a tough world for musicians: you will find out that the band members didn’t made any real money for the first 5 albums. Is is worth to invest 50 minutes of your time to give this a listen.

Link to the interview.


There are more extremly interesting interviews on this podcast. Like one with Devin TownsendDave Lombardo from Slayer or Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse.

Definitely worth checking out: The Music Business Facts podcast.

2. TechMuze

The TechMuze podcast is not only about music business related stuff. There is a lot about home recording your songs, mixing them, general musician discussion and new tchnology in the music scene.

But the business aspect is huge and valuable. You can learn how to grow your fan base or learn about Alternative Revenue Streams For The DIY Musician.

You can find it here: The TechMuze Academy Podcast


3. Music Business Radio

Music industry talk radio show for musicians, songwriters, and others in the music business.

Ever wondered how “The Eye Of The Tiger” was written? Check out this episode of the podcast.


There are so far 201 pisodes that you can listen to. Very entertaining and you can learn a lot.

The Music Business Radio <- give it a try!

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