How to download YouTube backing tracks as mp3

The two blogposts I made that are particularly popular, are lists of free backing tracks that you can find on YouTube.

Some of you asked how to download them:


So I decied to share a really simple way to do that!

1. Go to the YouTube video you want do download the mp3 from


2. Type “pwn” before YouTube in the address bar and hit enter


3. Choose one of the “Save this video as an MP3 audio file” options on the site

Just click on one of the links and follow simple further instructions.


Thats it! Have fun and keep practicing!

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5 thoughts on “How to download YouTube backing tracks as mp3

  1. As the person who wrote, recorded and uploaded a lot of those drumless tracks on the list I ask people not to do this. Illegal downloads do a lot of harm to small independent musicians like myself, yes, you can play along to the tracks for free on youtube and I can gain a little revenue from Youtube ads. If you would like to download the tracks you can do so from iTunes, amazon etc but please don’t do so illegally without the permission of the person who spent the time writing, recording, mixing and mastering them. Thanks!

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