A mobile game as an alternative for music flashcards

Flashcards are na useful education tool, but they quickly start to get borin. Especially for kids.

Gamification of an boring learning aspect is alway a good idea. A few music teachers tested the following game and are posotive about it:

“Thanks for making this! It can be hard to get kids interested in reading music and this beats the crap out of flash cards.”

Should you try it?

There are always flaws in every product. You should not treat this as a simulation of reading music.

But if you are practicing the note names in the treble clef, then this is a fun alternative for flashcards.

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What you can do in this game:

  • practice random music notes, as an good alternative for flashcards
  • after you have some skill: play a few songs
  • practice songs in the game with lowered tempo
  • …if you like you can contact the developer and promote your original music in this game.

There is a free android and iOS version of this game (or a paid one if you don’t like the ads)

The paid version (if you like to support the project more) can be found here:

You can follow the progress of the Note FIghter project on its Facebook Page.

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